The Benefits of Having a Tent Heater

Heaters for tents have portable units that allow you to place anywhere while camping. You might also put it outside on the table as you want to play cards with your friends or simply appreciating the beautiful serene night. With the portable heaters for tents, you can set up a warm area next to your picnic table and enjoy the cold weather.

Types of Tent Heaters

Electric Heaters

When we speak about portable outdoor heaters, electric heaters are better and safest to use. It doesn’t release dangerous gases; so, you don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide building up in your tent. You can run them all night without concern, and the temperature is easy to adjust. Although it is one of the best heaters; however, electric heaters take a lot of energy to run with electric hookups.

Gas Heaters

A Portable propane and butane gas heaters are the best for primitive camping. They don’t require electricity with inexpensive fuel and burning hot camping environment. But the disadvantage is that they release harmful gases such as carbon monoxide; therefore, it is essential to take care of ventilation. Hence, gas heaters are the best for outdoor use or ventilated spaces.

Propane And Butane Heater

Propane and butane heaters work similarly, but there are a few differences between them. Using propane fuel for cooking and the heater is better as you can refill it while camping. On the other hand, butane is more expensive and cannot be filled.

Battery Powered Tent Heater

A battery-powered heater is also a good option as it doesn’t need electricity nor releases carbon monoxide. But we can’t use a battery-powered heater for a longer time, and it needs to be charged.

Benefits Of Tent Heaters

•  With new and innovative technologies, tent heaters, especially propane heaters, are a great choice because they do not require power from an electrical source. Campers can use it in various scenarios, including camping, outdoor barbecues, evening outside on your patio, and more.

•  They are potable simultaneously, very efficient in taking the chill out of the air during cold nights where you wear layers and bundles of clothes. Using tent heaters generates heat in the inner chamber by utilizing fuel and metal meshing.

•  With modern technologies, these heaters heat the surrounding objects without allowing heat to escape into the intermediate air. It is perfect for a camping environment because the heat from the heater serves its purpose.

•  Even though gas heaters are one of the forms of heaters; however, modern technologies have made these types of heater far more efficient. The modern heaters can raise temperatures in surrounding areas to 20 feet. That means even a family-size tent can use one single heater while camping.

•  While shopping for a tent heater, it is essential to look for its durability. Most of the heaters are made of long-lasting materials such as stainless steel. These materials are rust resistance and last for years of outdoor endeavors. There are various heaters available in the market, including tabletop, free-standing, hanging, fixed, etc. Electric-propane heaters are good as environment friendly as they don’t emit pollution into the air.

•  Also, look for heaters smaller in size so that you stay away from it during camping at night. Small heaters also use less fuel, and they are more portable.

•  Heat output in the heater is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs. A camping heater of 1000 to 5000 BTUs is suitable for a camping heater to keep you rig-warm on a chilly night.

•  It is always crucial to look for safety options while choosing heaters for camping. The new innovative heaters have safety features that prevent them from causing a problem such as carbon monoxide poisoning. Search for heaters with an automatic shut off mechanism.

•  Even though you can purchase heaters at their local retailers; however, you can find discounted heaters with better prices, more affordable, and even more convenient.